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business design news UX February 24, 2020 How We Make Money Management Easy: Morfin’s UX Design Process

For many crypto projects, UX is just an afterthought. But if we want to bring Blockchain to the masses, we as a community need to hide the complexity under the hood and make things easier to understand for the majority of people. This is why I want to share with you Morfin’s UX design process. …

business design marketing marketing study survey January 22, 2019 Morfin Market Study & Rationale

Purpose of the study

Morfin.io wanted to find out from which are the biggest problems people from the crypto community face with personal finance tools and institutions they use, how much it is costing them to manage their personal finances and how much would they willing to pay for a product that will solve their problems…

bitcoin business design luxinnovation technologies true story January 21, 2019 The story behind Morfin

Bitcoin or blockchain

We were on our way back from lunch. Hands stuffed in our pockets, walking side by side, we could see our breath 5 inches in front of us. Robert and I always talk during lunch…

business design technologies January 21, 2019 Morfin Qualifies in Fit4Start

Morfin was deemed fit for start in Luxembourg

Our Morfin.io project was selected for the Fit 4 Start program. It is now one of the 10 ITC start-ups out of 226 participants that garnered support from the Luxembourg committee…

business design technologies January 21, 2018 Morfin Interview

Vlad Centea answers some of the most frequently asked questions of our users

Vlad Centea, our Senior Manager and co-founder of Morfin, had a very busy month of November, as he scheduled the second session of interviews with clients to gauge their needs. It allows us to take the temperature of the community and to make sure our product is tailored right. This led to some amazing insights about how users see cryptocurrencies…

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