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A down-to-earth approach to Decentralized Finance

Decentralized financial platform on blockchain rails. Morfin is a universal wallet that can be used for smart and safe EUR payments with escrow, buying or exchanging tokenized financial assets in pure peer-to-peer fashion. Crowdfund your project, invest in people and SME’s or just attach logic to your money when paying.

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The pure peer-to-peer financial experience

Morfin bridges digital assets to traditional financial assets.  We bring blockchain values into fiance and create a platform that grants you both financial freedom and a safe space for your finances. You can source from the community many of the operations as a bank does for you today. This cuts the costs of your normal banking operations. Lend, loan and, exchange any currency and enjoy a full slate of financial services with no intermediaries.

Morfin is our contribution to a more decentralized financial system.

Open and Bank-Agnostic

We rely on blockchain principles to create a new financial society. This means YOU get to choose how you handle your money, in every respect. You can bring in your existing bank, connect your blockchain wallet and your financial services and plug them into Morfin to continue using them.

Person to person

Direct services with no intermediaries. Morfin is a social experience when it comes to money. This means you access a financial community and are able to trade directly and transfer digital assets and knowledge inside a safe platform.

Blockchain inclusiveness

We provide a safe harbor for blockchain assets. You master your own blockchain wallet, in a safe, compliant environment. Morfin does its best to release the regulatory burden from their users, providing them with whitelisting services and connecting their digital assets directly to their money accounts.

Banking Grade Security

Morfin uses regulated partners from rigorous jurisdictions. Our platform and our security is built to meet Luxembourg’s extremely high standards for the financial sector. We’re pursuing a financial institution license.

Unmatched Privacy

We separate the legally required data from the rest of your data. Your data is YOUR asset and creates value just for you.

Sustainable Growth

Sustainable Growth
Morfin provides you with the tools for financial growth, access to a wider assets range, insights about your money flows and the collective wisdom of the community.

Transparent Account

An account desigend for building trust between chatities and projects raising money and thier contributors. All outgoing transactions are published to the contributors.

Universal Wallet

Payment never been easier or cheaper. One wallet for your money and for all your tokens and digital vouchers. Pay with money or loyalty points, tokens, vouchers in any shop or online.

Create Vouchers and Tokens

Create and redeem closed loop and open loop tokens and vouchers directly from your bank account. All the ecosystem of your company will benefit from it: customers, parters and employees.

Token Marketplace

Send, receive, buy and sell anthing from your wallet on our person to person decentralized marketplace.

Morfin puts transparency first.

Our FREE* products can be used free of charge under the limit of the FREE TIER as defined the in terms and conditions of each product. For all amounts exceeding the free tier transaction fees or other fees might apply. All the fees for each product will be very clearly published on our website.

All information our company, our suppliers, the assets available on the platform, the underlying technology and money flows will be available to our customers.

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Did decentralized finance get you interested? You can get involved and invest anywhere between 100 and 1000 euro using our app.


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