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How Gamification Catapulted LATAM Airlines to New Heights

December 5, 2023

At Morfin.io, we have always been captivated by the transformative power of gamification and its ability to revolutionize traditional business models. It’s intriguing to explore how this approach can breathe new life into established processes, especially in customer loyalty programs. This intrigue leads us to a compelling case study of LATAM Airlines, where The Octalysis Group, leveraging their expertise in gamification and behavioral science, catalyzed a remarkable change. The results of their campaign are not just numbers; they are a testament to the potential of gamification in enhancing customer engagement and loyalty.

Case Study Overview 

An analysis from The Octalysis Group revealed how they effectively employed gamification principles to revamp LATAM Airlines’ loyalty program. The aim was to surge key performance indicators (KPIs) significantly.


The initial challenge was to innovate in the digital commerce realm, particularly in loyalty programs, which often suffer from low engagement. LATAM Airlines sought to surpass the performance of their previous campaigns by leveraging the Octalysis Framework, despite it being a novel approach for them.

Strategies and Solutions 

The Octalysis Group proposed a transactional approach combined with unique gamification techniques. These methods were intended to enhance the direct interaction between LATAM and its customers, resulting in short-term financial benefits. The approach included varied gamification techniques, such as Social Norming and Time Countdowns, integrated into a narrative of a treasure hunt, to create an engaging user experience.

                                                                   LATAM PASS APP

Implementation and Results 

The implementation involved an in-depth analysis of LATAM’s business metrics and user motivational profiles, followed by brainstorming sessions to ideate on improving user interaction and conversion. Key results included:

  • Miles Accumulation: Increased by 123%.

  • LATAM Pass Credit Card Acquisition: Rose by 153%.

  • Mile Redemption Options: Expanded by 1,407%.

  • Engagement with Promotional Video: Surged by 17,000%.

  • Net Promoter Score: Reached 85% at 5 stars.

These results showcased the effectiveness of gamification in enhancing user engagement and positively impacting business metrics.

Insights and Future Directions

The project underscored the effectiveness of tailored gamification strategies based on user motivational profiles. It highlighted the importance of designing gamification elements that address specific problems and work in synergy to maximize motivational potential for users. The next step involves targeting LATAM Pass’s inactive users, requiring a different approach to reengage them.


The LATAM Airlines case study is a beacon for businesses seeking innovative ways to elevate customer experience and loyalty. Here at Morfin.io, we recognize the potential of such approaches in the ever-evolving digital commerce landscape. This case study serves as an inspiration and a guide, showing how the application of gamification, grounded in a deep understanding of customer motivation and behavior, can yield extraordinary results. As we continue to explore and implement groundbreaking solutions in digital commerce, the success of LATAM Airlines stands as a valuable lesson in the power of creative engagement strategies to reshape customer interactions and drive business success.

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