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AI: Empower AI Interaction And Learning With Gamification

February 5, 2024

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, companies are constantly seeking innovative ways to engage their employees with new technologies. One of the most promising frontiers is AI, a tool that, when understood and utilized effectively, can significantly enhance productivity and decision-making. Yet, for many, AI remains an intimidating concept, shrouded in complexity. Enter More app and gamification—a dynamic duo that’s transforming AI from a daunting challenge into an engaging, team-wide quest for knowledge and efficiency.

Fostering AI Literacy with More

More, known for its robust form-building capabilities and process automation, serves as an excellent platform for introducing AI into the workplace. Here’s how companies can use More to demystify AI for their employees:

  • Custom AI Workflows: Create workflows that incorporate AI-driven fields, such as predictive text, automated data analysis, AI driven team mascots and AI generated quizzes. This hands-on experience helps demystify AI, showing its practical benefits.

  • Feedback Loops: Utilize More to gather employee feedback on AI tools and applications within the workplace. This not only improves understanding but also encourages active participation in the AI integration process.


Gamification: The Key to Engaging AI Learning

Gamification can transform the learning process into an engaging experience, motivating employees to explore AI with enthusiasm and curiosity. Here’s how:

  • AI Challenges: Implement monthly challenges where employees use AI-powered tools within More to solve real-world problems. Reward successful teams with recognitions or prizes.

  • Progress Badges: Design a badge system within More to reward employees for completing AI training modules or successfully implementing AI solutions. This visual progress indicator fosters a sense of achievement and encourages continued learning.

  • Leaderboards: Use More to track and display a leaderboard of AI learning achievements or the most innovative AI solutions proposed by employees. This friendly competition spurs engagement and creativity.


Building a Culture of AI Curiosity and Confidence

  • Peer Learning: Encourage employees who have successfully adopted AI tools to share their experiences and tips with their colleagues. This peer-to-peer learning approach can significantly enhance collective AI understanding and reduce resistance.

  • Continuous Feedback: Use More to create a continuous feedback loop where employees can share their AI experiences, challenges, and suggestions for improvement. This not only enhances learning but also contributes to a culture of innovation and open communication.



Integrating AI into daily operations doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By leveraging the capabilities of More along with gamification strategies, companies can transform AI from a buzzword into a tangible tool that drives productivity and innovation. This approach not only enhances understanding and confidence among employees but also fosters a workplace culture that is continuously engaged, curious, and ready to embrace the future of technology.

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