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Centrical Review 2023: Expert Insights by a Gamification Specialist

September 13, 2023

Welcome back to our ongoing series of reviewing gamification platforms by a gamification specialist. Today, we turn our attention to Centrical, a platform that has been steadily gaining recognition in the gamification industry. Building upon our previous analysis of Bravon, we’ll dissect Centrical across five pivotal categories, rating them oneΒ for each category they exceed at and providing you with valuable insights into its strengths and intricacies.



Centrical sets itself apart by offering a distinctive blend of task management and gamified rewards, just like Bravon. However, it takes this concept a step further. It’s not solely about quizzes or leaderboards; it’s about seamlessly weaving gamification into daily tasks and objectives. Picture employees not only completing tasks but also competing against their own past performances, earning badges, and vying for top positions. This continuous loop of rewards and recognition ensures that users are not only engaged but also motivated to continually improve. Thus, Centrical gets a star in the engagement category for pushing the boundaries and fostering sustained engagement through its intelligent algorithms.


User-Friendly Experience:

centrical review


Centrical prioritizes user convenience with a well-structured, visually appealing, and easy-to-navigate interface. The platform offers micro-learning opportunities, making it possible to learn on the go and at a pace comfortable for the user. Additionally, with a mobile-optimized experience, users can engage with the platform effortlessly from anywhere, thereby enhancing the user-friendliness of the application. Therefore, we award it a star for offering an intuitive and accessible user experience.



The platform stands tall when it comes to adaptability, offering solutions that cater to various industries including sales, customer service, and manufacturing setups. Its flexibility in integrating with a multitude of other systems, including CRM and ERP, showcases its adaptability to different organizational needs and structures. Thus, Centrical earns another star in this category for its highly adaptable ecosystem that can align with different industry requirements with relative ease.



Centrical does a commendable job at offering personalized experiences. Nonetheless, it might fall short in offering a communal or collaborative learning experience, where teams can learn and grow together. The heavy focus on individual performance metrics might sometimes overshadow team dynamics and collaboration. Hence, despite its strengths, it may not earn a star in the personalization category as it can work on fostering a collaborative learning environment.



On the complexity front, Centrical balances advanced features with a user-friendly interface. The platform houses a rich array of features including predictive analytics, allowing for a detailed breakdown of performance metrics. While newcomers might find the plethora of features overwhelming, Centrical does offer comprehensive support and training to help users navigate through its rich feature set. Therefore, it grabs a star here for melding complex features with ease of use seamlessly, fostering a learning environment that is both deep and user-friendly.

centrical review


Centrical emerges as a robust and intuitive gamification platform, meeting most of the essential criteria with flying colors. The platform strikes an impressive balance between complexity and user-friendliness, showcasing the potential to be a formidable tool in the gamification industry. While competition is fierce with platforms like Morfin.io steering towards even more groundbreaking functionalities, Centrical holds its ground firmly, promising innovations and solutions that could redefine gamification strategies in various industries.

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