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More by Morfin

More is the ultimate community engagement tool. Empower your community to learn, grow, and have fun with our gamification-based challenges, quizzes, and surveys. Our app rewards users for completing these activities, keeping them engaged and motivated to learn new information, skills, techniques, and life principles.

More is your go-to community engagement app. It's packed with gamification-based challenges, quizzes, and surveys, rewarding users for their participation and learning. Our expertly designed activities not only engage but also motivate users to acquire new skills and knowledge.

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Gamification Studio

Get ready to unleash your creativity with Morfin.studio, the ultimate playground for IT and Gamification enthusiasts.

Dive into Morfin.studio, the perfect space for IT and Gamification enthusiasts to spark their creativity. Our user-friendly platform lets you design unique gamification scenarios, transforming community interaction and engagement. Use it for your community, share globally via our app, or monetize your creations. It's an all-in-one solution for creating, learning, and innovating in the world of gamification.

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Enhance your gamification scenarios with our Beacons and Phone Sensors technology. Our hardware provides endless possibilities for location-based and sensor-based gamification. Upgrade your gamification game with our technology.

Elevate your gamification experiences with our advanced Beacons and Phone Sensors technology, and OpenAI integration. Utilize Beacon hardware for precise indoor and outdoor presence detection and geolocation, and harness phone sensors like GPS, accelerometer, and Bluetooth for interactive community engagement. Our technology opens up limitless possibilities for location and sensor-based gamification, giving you the edge in creating immersive, engaging scenarios. Enhance your projects with our cutting-edge integration.

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The psychology behind it

Gamification is all about achieving goals while having fun! At Morfin we know exactly how to blend the science of game mechanics with the universal human attraction to games, to create solutions that are both entertaining and effective.

At Morfin, we masterfully combine game mechanics to create fun and effective gamification solutions. Our strategies, including rewards and leaderboards, are designed to craft an immersive journey that keeps users engaged and motivated. We aim to make achieving goals entertaining, fostering positive behavior change along the way. Join us for a playful and productive journey to success – let's have fun while accomplishing great things!

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The pure peer-to-peer financial experience

Morfin bridges digital assets to traditional financial assets.  We bring blockchain values into fiance and create a platform that grants you both financial freedom and a safe space for your finances. You can source from the community many of the operations as a bank does for you today. This cuts the costs of your normal banking operations. Lend, loan and, exchange any currency and enjoy a full slate of financial services with no intermediaries.

Morfin is our contribution to a more decentralized financial system.

Issue Tokens or Points

The tokens will form the backbone of your program. According to the program rules the token will be distributed to the members of your program and used by them to redeem rewards or support causes.

Add Game Mechanics

The game elements are organized in gamification scenarios that can be added from the library or created from scratch. Add leaderboards, challenges, badges, levels, rewards and link them to real world tasks.

Link your token to €

Assign € value to the token. A network of partners will accept your token. They will offer rewards to your members. After they accept the payment in tokens from your members they will automatically redeem the €.

Personalization: make it yours

The platform will provide you with several level of personalization from using your graphics and your logo in the provided generic app to a the fully customized customer app using the APIs and the SDK

Gamification Development Platform

Our most amazing feature: you can develop your own gamification scenario to fit your business objective, your members "player types". Integrate your business tools and processes, inject data and start playing with it.

Gamification Studio

Creating your custom gamification for your business has never been easier: load one of the open source scenarios from our platform in the Game Scenario Editor and start building your own.

Employee Engagement

Build a employee engagement program with challenges related to the positive behaviours you want to reinforce in your workforce. Collect feedback through games and help people better understand and adhere to the company mission and values

Customer Loyalty

Deploy creative campaigns that will engage your customers in fun and meaningful interactions on digital channels. Creating game-like experiences your customers will receive also intrinsic rewards along with the extrinsic ones like points and coupons. We give meaning to points.


For academic education, workplace micro-learning or even for families to use it at home, our platform can provide mechanisms to boost the intrinsic motivation for learning with smartly used extrinsic rewards adjusted to avoid damaging the intrinsic motivation.

Virtual Shares Program

Create an employee equity program, based on virtual shares, which you can automatically link to the employee performance and engagement. Using our tokenized solution the whole creation and management of your employee participation program is highly automated and significantly easier.

Members: one app, all my memberships

Nobody likes to have one separate application for each loyalty program. Let alone, another app for your employee engagement program. Having one app for all the benefits and all your memberships increases the chances that member actually enjoy these benefits and extract more value from them.


We appreciate your support! Check out the credentials of the people who work for you

Vlad Centea
Paul Mijoiu
Ionut Negru
Gabriela Cojocariu


Asteroid Foundation

Asteroid Foundation used Morfin.io gamification solution to create more engagement and incite the audience to participate in educational booth activities and answer the satisfaction survey at the Asteroid Day Festival held in Tramsschapp, Luxembourg on 1 July 2023. The application and QR codes worked seamlessly, offering several scenarios for the participants. The interactive component of the visitors’ experience definitely enhanced overall satisfaction. Learning can be fun, and it’s great that such solutions exist and help organisations introduce more innovative ways of interaction with the audience.

Anna Bordus


We organized our LALUX GO! via the More app, a flexible solution that allowed us to create our own treasure hunt as well as a quiz. We were also able to offer rewards in our own shop, created within the app. Everything was customized to the image of our brand and our products. The Morfin team was there with us from the design of the game to the big day to guide us if needed.


From the initial consultation to the final delivery, your team exhibited professionalism, expertise, and an unwavering commitment to delivering a product that not only met but exceeded our expectations. The collaborative approach, transparent communication, and attention to detail throughout the development process were truly commendable. It is evident that your team invested time and effort in understanding our vision, and the final product reflects a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal. Moreover, we appreciated the timely manner in which the project was completed. Your commitment to meeting deadlines without compromising on quality is truly commendable and sets your company apart.



Since integrating More’s Feedback and Pulse Survey gamification into our workflow, we’ve seen a remarkable transformation. Their expertise in employee engagement is unparalleled, sparking immediate improvements in team dynamics and morale. The support and customer experience they provide is top-notch, making every step of the process seamless and impactful. As we gear up to implement a new engagement gamification, I’m excited for the continued growth and innovation More will bring to our team.

Mihai Sincan