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Why do I have 2 notifications all the time?

The notifications show you that you have 2 services running in the background one for detecting buses via bluetooth and one for detecting biking and walking via accelerometer and GPS.

Can I remove the two notifications?

  • Yes you can make them invisible from your phone settings:
  • App Info > Notifications > Notification categories > Tracking 

Do I need a data connection for the app to work?

  • yes, the app needs internet in order to work
  • the trips will not be recorded without internet on the phone 

Why is my walk or bike commute not recorded?

  • The commute took longer than 2h
  • Location permissions not set to “Allow all the time”
  • “in vehicle” activity was detected
  • “walking” or “on foot” or “bicycle” activity NOT detected
  • Suspicious high speed
  • Commute shorter than 300m
  • No internet connection

What can I do to increase the accuracy of commute validation for walking and biking?

  • Open once the app before you leave from home
    • this will wake up the application and the phone sensors giving better accuracy 
  • Open once the app when you arrived at work
    • this will refresh the status of the app and will make sure the work location is taken even if indoor, because with the app closed the location is taken only if the phone is moving, not when is resting on a desk.