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Tap into the pulse of real-time insights and watch as it translates to tangible savings. With Morfin.io, it’s not just feedback; it’s a strategic advantage. Dive in and feel the difference.

employee pulse survey

Real-time Data

Morfin.io introduces a pulse survey system that allows you to implement various strategies and receive instantaneous feedback from your team. It’s not just a tool; it’s a compass that guides you in the right direction, helping you make informed decisions based on real-time data.

employee pulse survey

Cost Savings

Reduce costs associated with employee turnover and prolonged onboarding. Enhancing employee satisfaction can lead to a 15% reduction in turnover rates, saving costs on recruitment and training.

The smart way to receive feedback

Utilizând Morfin.io, companiile pot implementa diverse strategii de gamificare pentru a îmbunătăți sondajele de angajament ale angajaților, inclusiv:



Morfin.io enables businesses to introduce a point-based system where employees earn rewards or recognition based on their survey responds. The platform tracks points seamlessly, creating a sense of achievement and motivation for employees to actively participate.   


Progress Indicators

Incorporating progress bars or visual indicators within the survey using Morfin.io helps employees track their survey completion and provides a sense of progression. This feature  encourages employees to complete the survey and see their progress in real-time.


Interactive Elements

Morfin.io’s interactive features, such as mini challenges, make the employee engagement survey experience more engaging and enjoyable. These elements promote active involvement and improve the quality of responses.  

No borders and no limits

Morfin.io supports over 10 languages worldwide. That means you can receive feedback from the sales team from Spain, interact with the development team from Chicago, or resolve a problem with an employee from Sweden anytime you want. Sign up now to learn how to get more insight over the company’s employees.

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