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We want to make a change!

Public blockchains introduced new values to the financial world. For the first time in history, the mammoth economic system was challenged by a new solution. Wherever money makes a turn, there is more than one centralized institution involved. There is great power in always being in the middle of all money flows. What if some of that power to manage global finance was spread democratically among all participants?
The technology available now allows us to make many of the operations person-to-person, friend-to-friend, community-to-community. It transfers an important part of the value from institutions to people.
We want a blockchain-based financial system, well anchored into legislation, that doesn’t allow the economy to create nodes of power for every single product or service. Public blockchains and PSD2 legislation were designed to democratize finance.
We want to contribute to the degree of personal freedom in finance by creating Morfin and redefining financial relationships and give the power of finance to anyone.