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We had a vision for a better system that could change the world at its core. Then, we created Morfin: Morfin is not an online banking system. Morfin is a hollistic approach to one of the fundamental issues each of us came accross before making dreams possible. The financial market. We saw a brittle financial system and thought we could transform it completely.

An inclusive financial system: in the new economy nobody is left out. Our platform is easy to use and intuitive. It takes 5 minutes to open an account and you can start operating it instantly. Morfin was imagined as a single pit-stop for financial needs, as the ultimate tool to access, organize and manage your money. ALL our clients are treated with respect, regardless of their balance.

Legal and compliant: we wanted everyone to be able to use cryptocurrency inside a legal safe-haven. Our primary goal was to create a bridge between institutions/regulators and crypto-users. We feel that having blockchain technologies somewhere at the fringes of our economy is not a healthy attitude.

Thousands of hours went into creating real understanding. We created long-lasting partnerships and captivated attention for us and for this innovative market. We have a great leverage – the technology is amazing and nobody wants to miss out on innovation.

Real use of technologies: the future is technology-driven. Morfin was inspired by peer-to-peer systems and blockchain technologies. This allowed us to cut operating costs to bare minimums and to create a secure platform. We plan to be the first real TechFin institution in Europe, not just a FinTech with limited scope.

In everyday life, money translates into time and opportunity. We created a pristine platform that saves time and creates equal opportunities for Everyone.