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A blockchain-connected open platform

Wordpress changed the way we can create websites for various purposes (blogs, forums, online stores, membership sites…) using an open framework, templates and plugins. They created a new and better way we build websites. The online presence of companies increased exponentially since frameworks and platforms like wordpress made it easy, cheap and fast to create a good looking and purposeful website and platforms like facebook allowed companies to create business pages. In the gaming industry the mobile games took off when game development engines like Unity made it simple and fast to develop a game. There is always a platform, a framework, an engine… not a product, that really makes the difference and changes things. There is always this element of openness, easy access and the ability to build on top of it, to develop, to create. Today companies need new ways to engage their customers and employees on digital channels. All of them. And this demand is validated by the number of products in this space and by the growth of the employee engagement, customer loyalty and gamification markets. But there is no platform out there, only a lot of products, most of them complicated and sold as high value b2b custom implementations. This is why we’re building our platform. To offer a generic solution, an engine, to help companies and individuals to unleash their imagination and build fun and meaningful digital interactions with their customers and employees. As said before, openness it’s at the very core of the success of such solutions, so in order to deliver that the best possible we’re combining OPEN SOURCE principles in some areas of the platform with BLOCKCHAIN technology as part of our public infrastructure. This will make integrations very easy and standardized, and will attach additional value to the tokens and points issued by the platform customers.