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Account Aggregation

Unified financial experience. A single dashboard gives you real-time overview and control over all your finances, both for money and blockchain assets.

Social Finance

Intermediary-free financial grid. Be part of a financial community where you connect directly with other people like you for mutual benefit.

Friendly Guide

A purpose-driven, fun journey. Get a grip on your financial life, follow through with your plans and stay motivated to accomplish your goals.

Can you imagine having a truly supportive financial platform that offers you guidance and the proper tools to gain your financial independence? These are all long overdue. Since we can’t have high expectations from the past, we can create an anticipation for the future. Here are the features you can expect to have served to you in two years time.

peer-to-peer, person to person

Morfin gives you a new kind of freedom. We don’t get in the middle of a transaction simply to take a cut. We enable people to interact directly with other participants in order to exchange and trade digital assets. Build up your reputation and become a trusted member of your communities.

• Expand your financial reputation
• Borrow money or fund raise inside the community via smart contracts
• Exchange currencies without intermediaries
• Trade and invest in digital assets without a broker

use blockchain to its full potential

Morfin gives blockchain issued assets the mainstream-feel you’ve been waiting for. Your account will no longer be treated with unfair suspicion by institutions. Connect your current services in one place and get a real-time overview of your entire digital assets portfolio.

• Deposit and withdraw digital assets directly from your private wallet
• Support for hardware wallet
• Connect external wallets and regulated exchanges accounts
• Access to trustworthy currencies and security tokens
• Unmatched safety for financial assets portfolio, without regulatory or compliance risk

become financially independent

Get a strong grip of your financial life. We offer you the support you need to be financially independent and achieve personal goals. Your financial operations will suddenly become friendly instead of a chore . Morfin attaches logic to your money.

• Diversified portfolio, according to risk levels and broad range of asset types
• Smart, agile money. Volatility risk filtrated through tokenization of fiat
• ”Wisdom of the crowd” principles, trading insights from the community
• More liquidity on the market, to the benefit of users and trusted startups
• Simplified interaction with money, gamified to help you achieve personal goals