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Rich in features!


Fast account setup – less than 5 minutes to open a Morfin account
Hassle-free online bank account. If you can setup an email address you will have no problems opening an account with Morfin.

Easy management of money and digital assets directly from your mobile wallet
A beautiful and easy to use mobile wallet app that allows you to do everyday operations. Shop online and in the carbon world, transfer and receive money with a single tap.


Fast money transit anywhere in the world, at lowest possible costs
Blockchain allows near-instant payments with low fees. Morfin applies the same recipe for fiat money so that money can swap hands at the speed of bandwidth.

Instant payments – credit and debit card, IBAN and SEPA integration
Not every store near you is equipped to scan a QR code to process your payment. You can order a credit or debit card, open an IBAN account and use SEPA.


24/7 access to all your accounts and near – instant confirmations
Your account is always at your disposal. No working hours, we’re closed or bank holidays! You have full control over your account and can customize your wallet for your spending habits.

Custom-tailored and features-rich – explore all your options and create your own experience
You are the sole administrator of your account. You can freeze and unfreeze your account and customize your overall banking experience.


Cryptocurrency integration – manage digital assets while staying compliant
You can manage major cryptocurrencies and few trusted ERC20 tokens from the same Morfin account and make use of a peer-to-peer forex exchange with minimal fees.

Support for airdrops and forks – get free extra coins
Get free cryptocurrency from development stages and beta testing. We create opportunities for investors and developers and allow you to benefit from forks that we deem safe without hassle.


Recurring payments and budget planning – schedule your bills and employees salaries. Every aspect of your mobile wallet can be custom-tailored. Tedious tasks are no longer a problem. You can setup a schedule for recurring payments and organize a strict budget.

Complete set of tools for travellers – plan trips anywhere in the world
Morfin takes into account your specific needs and offers tools to personalize your experience. You can spend money abroad, plan trips and purchase insurance inside the mobile banking app.

Business and personal accounts – complete set of tools for users and companies
Your company’s expenses are streamlined with the business account. Morfin offers a smart accountant to balance your sheets, schedules employee salaries and allows you to connect with your associates.