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Morfin Qualifies in Fit4Start

January 21, 2019

Morfin was deemed fit for start in Luxembourg

Our Morfin.io project was selected for the Fit 4 Start program. It is now one of the 10 ITC start-ups out of 226 participants that garnered support from the Luxembourg committee. The competition brought together participants from all over the European Union, all focused on IT platform development. The handpicked projects were offered grants, consultancy, access to fully-equipped working spaces and networking opportunities.

„It has been quite an intensive experience and we had some amazing support from the steering comittee and experts that gave their time to grow projects like ours. We are now halfway throughout the program and feel that our product is getting closer to what the blockchain community is expecting from their own blockchain bank. We are very grateful and are now closer to our delivery date”, co-founder Vlad Centea explained.

Fit 4 Start is an acceleration program dedicated to high potential startups. The initiative comes from the Luxembourg Ministry of Economy. Their designated goal is to propell projects into the market, equipped with top expertise and financing. The EU project offers startups advising sessions with three coaches assigned to each project, along with regular external coaching with various experts in the fields in which start-ups usually need advice, including marketing, business development and financial planning

Morfin.io benefits from advice from Richard Russel product manager consultant, Michel Blumenthal business modelling coach and owner of euroVR and Sylvain Chery, Cofounder and Director of Agile Partner.

Vlad Centea speaks of his team’s experience with the project:

It was very exciting to have our project selected and intimidating to see how much competition there was. First and foremost, we wanted to benefit from top expertise. We already had 2 sessions with the steering committee, meetings every week and information swaps with other participants.

I think the most important thing we learned was that the quest to discover the market needs and your client is always an ongoing process. You cannot get disconnected from the market. The biggest risk is you are in your head, you are in a bubble you need to pop as soon as possible. We are all in love with our projects, but these projects need to serve a larger public. This is where you start. By connecting with the users. You take their actual needs into account. And it’s amazing how much your public is eager to tell you. They have very specific needs and they want to talk to someone about them. They want the market to constantly ask them “what do you need, how can we help you?”

Richard, Michel and Sylvain chipped at our project every week to get to the core of what we have to offer. We were asked a very important question. What is your unfair advantage? What is the thing that nobody else can replicate, with all the resources and expertise in the world?

I feel Morfin is a project grounded in the realities of the crypto market. It’s very polished and right now our competitors would practically need a time machine to get back at ground zero where we started to shape our experience with cryptocurrencies.

Fit 4 start is already organizing the 7th edition of the accelerator and are expecting applications until the 28th of January.

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