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What is Morfin.io ?

Morfin SARL was founded in 2018 in Luxembourg and is a fintech platform offering banking services to the crypto community. Our platform runs under a electronic money institution license and is fully compliant with European legislation. We offer a complete banking experience and a compliant bridge to the crypto world.

What is our equity program / STO (Security Token Offering)?

Morfin STO is legal form of fundraising and is subject to securities laws and european prospectus directive. Participants in an STO will enjoy the legal protection similar to VCs and Angel Investors.

What do i get as a token holder?

Tokens issued in the STO represent equity in the Morfin company and are directly linked to the value of the company. (valuation). The tokens guarantee participation rights in our dividends and exit proceeds. Potential high returns without long lockups on the invested capital.

When the STO will take place?

We will prepare the STO for Q2 2019 together with the BETA launch.

How can I get more discounts on the STO price?

By referring other people to subscribe to our BETA list and STO whitelisting you get points that will be converted into discounts. More information is on equity program page.

Which is the max and min amounts for investment in the STO?

The minimum ticket is 100EUR.
There is no max ticket.

What services to you offer?

On the Morfin.io platform, you will be given an IBAN, current account, Debit card, and you will be able to buy, sell, and manage your cryptocurrencies from a compliant wallet. The platform will also allow users to provide each other services in a peer to peer fashion. (like localbitcoins marketplace for instance)

Can I cash out froom crypto to EUR?

Sure, this is one of our core funtions. Although since we are a regulated entity you will have to pass the KYC/AML procedures.

Is Morfin a crypto trading platform?

We will offer the possibility to buy and sell crypto directly from your Morfin bank account, and to spend them with your Morfin debit card. The trading will be available just peer to peer between the users, Morfin itself will not be a centralized trading platform. For liquidity we use external regulated exchanges to supplement the peer to peer marketplace if necessary.

Which are the benefits for the investors in the STO?

You will have the same benefits like a normal VC has when they invest in a startup. The tokens are electronic representation of companies shares and provide rights to dividends and exit proceeds. They will be tradable on Morfin platform and other partner STO specialized platforms.

Are you offering a secure wallet?

Yes we will offer a wallet solution to the highest industry standards. We are also developing partnerships with 3rd party wallet providers.